2012 – ongoing
Designed as part of the type]media Master Course at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
Available in late 2015

Dato is a type family that reconceptualises the “usual” structure to design a type family – it consists of a Serif and a Sans, each of which accompanied by two Italics. Dato has been specifically designed for use in corporate design, brand communication and editorial design.

The Roman as well as the “normal” Italic A inherit a certain timelessness, neutrality and subtle elegance, whereas the more calligraphic Italic B can be used for a more expressive flavor, allowing for a second style to emphasize – even within the Italics. Both Italics go well with the corresponding Roman, while concerning its construction and proportion the Serif styles are mostly identical to its Sans counterparts (and vice versa, of course).

Dato Serif and Sans are being extended to a comprehensive and richly-featured type family and are due to be released in late 2015.



Family Structure