Bayerische Akademie für Werbung & Marketing


in cooperation with Michael Ruhe & Florian Bauer

Logotype, Stationary, Printed Matter, Screendesign Website, Corporate Design Guidelines

The BAW is the oldest private academy for advertising and marketing in Germany. Their new corporate design takes on the visual heritage of the 1949 founded institution and reinvents the brand with a new simple and straight logotype. The current color scheme has been expanded into a triad ranging from blue to turquoise, which grants the new logotype a dynamic and brilliant airiness, even in simple printed matters.

BAWs new imagery is hallmarked by personal, spontaneous images, reflecting the organisations proximity to their students and the network provided at the school. Paired with a generous use of typography linking tradition and modernity, every single bit of this comprehensive corporate design program adds to BAWs redesigned brand.