Bremer Antiqua Process Book


Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, NL 2012
102 pages / b&w
Book cover made from 2mm gray board

See also: Bremer Antiqua Typeface

The Bremer Presse was a German Private Press, existing from 1911 until 1934. It is regarded to have been the most successful and of the most influential German Presses in the 20th century. Since the Press had very high requirements for everything they worked with – paper, printing, typefaces – its founder Willy Wiegand designed several typefaces that were exclusively cut for the Bremer Presse. One of which was the Bremer Antiqua, a sturdy Venetian Renaissance Antiqua influenced by blackletter shapes and 15th century incunabels.

The book shows the process of reviving the Bremer Antiqua, as part of the Revival Project at the Type & Media course. Besides a brief history of the Press, it mainly illustrates the different steps and decisions taken during the digitization process.