at KMS Team, Munich, 2009

Diakonie – Modular Signage System

The “Diakonie” of the Evangelical church in Germany is the social service arm of the Protestant church in Germany. It keeps various departments in each of the 16 German states and more than 27,000 sub-departments.

The modular signage system for all local, regional and national organizations of the Diakonie is derived from the square logo of the Diakonie and therefore assures a unified corporate identity, even in three-dimensional space. The size of the single modules results from a 35 × 35 cm basic module. Manufactured in acryllic glass the modules are either screenprinted or laminated with adhesive foil and can be modularly arranged, depending on the amount of information. A special carrier system has been developed to arrange and suspend the modules with a shadow gap of 4 mm (which is also derived from the size of the type on the modules).