Myth & Truth


112–128 pages, 4c
Coated art paper, 120 g/qm
Partial UV lacquer
13,5 × 21 cm
Thread stitched
Brochure with double flaps
Published by Christian Brandstätter Verlag

In collaboration with Cora Akdogan, Vienna, 2014–2015

Visual conception of the series, coversystem, design, layout und typesetting

Sisi, the Josephinum, Emperor Franz Joseph, the Lipizzans – Viennese icons that are well known even in hidden places at the back of beyond. This newly developed and designed series takes a fresh look at some of these icons – visually not like most of the books in the tourist shop around the corner, but more like a magazine reduced to the size of a paperback.

Derived from the narrow proportion of the book, the typography takes that on with the use of a classy yet powerful narrow typeface. Together with the extensible colour range the stringent, yet flexible typography and layout principles visually distincts this series of books.