Schmitt Werke


in Zusammenarbeit mit: Michael Ruhe, Digital Everything
Fotos: Quirin Leppert

The new corporate identity system for Schmitt Werke – a flexible design with a strong and condensed logotype system, a clear design grid and a powerful, editorial-like photography. A powerful new identity system for both, the umbrella brand as well as its subsidiaries.

The new brand architecture has been jointly developed in an intense process, in which the local roots of Schmitt Werke and the increasing international focus of the group have been combined in a new claim. The new color range has been carefully readjusted and extended so that all brands have a clear distinction within the range and the system stays flexible enough to allow for future brands to find their place amongst the others. Furthermore we developed a consistent design grid for various communication materials, which allows for a very coordinated and integrative corporate identity throughout all brands.